Triumph over adversity: growing my agency with a broken spine

A Talk by Amy Hopper
Part-titanium digital marketing wolverine, Reflect Digital

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About this talk

One year after founding her agency, Amy was hit by a car and lost the use of her legs. Despite permanently damaging her spine suffering with PTSD, chronic pain, and undergoing spinal fusion surgery, she grew her agency to win multiple national awards. In 2021 Amy sold AM Marketing and travelled solo around Europe for 2 months, hiking over 600km. If you want to learn how to overcome challenges, set and achieve your goals, and look after your mental health while still moving forward, this is the talk for you!

The main takeaways will be: - How to take steps forward when you feel stuck in one place. - Doing what you can do, not what you can't do (yet) - How to ""fill your cup"" after it has been drained. - Lots of awesome pictures of metal in Amy's spine. Worth it just for that. Inspiration, Inspiration, Inspiration. If Amy can grow an agency after being hit by a car and being part titanium, I can do anything!

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