Registration queries

How do I sign up?

Just head to our ticket page and pick the option which suits you best. Enter your details and payment (if applicable) then you're in!

What does my ticket include?

Log in to view the details of your ticket.

Free live tickets only give access to the live talks as they're broadcast.

To watch the replays you need a live + replay ticket.

How do I view/edit my schedule?

Log in to view your schedule.

When you're logged in you can easily add and remove talks from your schedule.

Watching the talks

How do I watch the talks during the event?

Log in with the email address you signed up with.

Find the talk you want to watch in the schedule and click on it to watch the talk.

The talk won't be visible until it starts. If you arrive on the talk page early you can see a countdown to the talk. The page should reload once the talk starts.

How do I add a comment to a talk?

Once a talk starts you'll see a comment box under the video.

How do I watch the replays?

You'll need one of our replay passes.

Once a talk has been broadcast online on 20 or 21 October you'll be able to watch the talk back at any time from the talk page.

Can I only watch the talks/replays I've added to my schedule?

No, you can watch any of the talks or replays (as long as you have the correct ticket type) even if you haven't added them to your schedule. Adding them to your schedule just helps you keep track of the sessions you want to watch. It also gives you handy email reminders to access them.

What about the in-person event?

If you have a ticket for the in-person event you can join us in Brighton on 6/7 October. Your ticket includes access to the online event too so just log in with the email address you used to get your in-person ticket. Note that ballot tickets only give you access to the specified in-person day and you'll need to sign up for the online version yourself.

The Video Vault

The brightonSEO Video Vault contains allllllllll our online brightonSEO conference and summit talks from the last couple of years.

brightonSEO replay tickets include 6 months of access or you can sign up via the vault directly if you don't have a replay ticket.

Need something else?

You can contact us via our website or on Twitter.

Our code of conduct sets out the behaviour we expect from everyone involved in the event and how you can contact us with an issue.

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